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The opening of St. Monica Hospital in 1996, was a preparation for the Birth of Uzima University College. With all the major departments functional, St. Monica hospital has a bed capacity of 100 in-patients, a vibrant H.I.V and AIDS support centre with about 4,000 patients in the programme. There are also other fully equipped specialized units providing medical services such as; Maternal, Child Health Care (M.C.H), Dental Unit, Radiology , Maternity and Out -Patients Departments.

St. Monica Hospital has therefore realized a tremendous growth in the last 14 years of its operation. Currently the Hospital attends to an average of 400 out patients on daily basis, 35 in patients, 200 people living with AIDS, 120 mothers and Children in its community immunization programme daily.

Apart from the Government Health institutions, St. Monica has provided a remarkable contribution in the health care for this region St. Monica Hospital is in the process of development as the clinical campus of Uzima University College .The University College has also partnered with other institutions to provide, a diversified and a more integrated environment for students clinical practice; these include New Nyanza Provincial Hospital, Kisumu District Hospital, Nyabondo Mission Hospital, Koru Mission Hospital ,Tabaka mission Hospital among others. Some of the Hospitals mentioned have advanced to the level of teaching Hospitals offering Diplomas in various fields of medical and biomedical sciences.

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Uzima University College has been established by the Archdiocese of Kisumu as a constituent college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa –CUEA with specialization in teaching and research of Medical and Biomedical sciences.


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