CAAMP Services




1.Contract production and packaging of medicinal plants, herbal medicines, and herbal cosmetics

2.Contract production of various plant extracts

3.Contract production and packaging of herbal medicines in the form of capsules, syrups, drops, sprays, tablets, and sachets

4.Contract with various manufacturing companies in the field of medicines and herbal teas

5.Processing documents for plant products including certificates, licenses, legal authorities and patenting


1.Consulting services on production lines processing, formulation and packaging of medicinal plants

2.Consulting services on specialized services for production of herbal medications from raw materials to the market


1.Courses for herbalists, companies, universities and students

2.Internship for University Students

3.Providing space, facilities and industrial production opportunities herbalists, companies, universities and students

4.Scientific and specialized training of production, propagation and exploitation of medicinal plants

5.Seminars and conference

Laboratory services

1.Medicinal Plants Analysis and Processing Services

2.Quality control of medicinal plants, herbal based products , phytochemicals and pharmaceutics

3.Quality control of pharmaceuticals

4.Essential oil analysis

5.Identification and quantification of active ingredients of medicinal plants and herbal products

6.Physicochemical analysis of raw materials (essential oils and total plant extracts), and plant products

7.Microbial control of raw materials and plant products

8.Investigation and determination of microbial and fungal contamination of various samples

Certification and licensing

1.Authorized laboratory for  National and county government certification and licensing.


1.Production line for liquids, semi-solid and solid medicinal plant product

2.Automatic labeling  and cap sealing machines

3.Different types of mills with different meshes

4.Special blender

5.Fully automatic dryer

6.Pelletizing Machine

7.Modern capsule counting machines

8.Gas Chromatography with Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS)

9.Liquid Chromatography-Detector (HPLC-UV/Vis-PDA)

10.Hygrometer device

11.Heavy metal measuring device

12.Specialized devices for tablet and capsule tests

13.Stability device