Office of the Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of Students is here to listen, to be an ally and to care courageously meaning that we move beyond and out of our way to learn more about what is needed in order to serve our students community better.

As Dean of Students, I encourage students to be involved in all facets of the University experience so that together we can build a rich culture that rises above individual student`s time while at Uzima University in order to make a difference at the global level. My functions include acting as the presiding officer during elections of the office bears, guiding and encouraging students to form and develop professional, social clubs and societies by providing the necessary support to such clubs and societies. Supervise the functions of the Student Council, providing mentoring services through counselling services to the student community. Overseeing sporting activities through the Sports and games committee.

The team in the office of the Dean of Students promotes the open door policy as the best way to connect with as many of the students as possible hence we are here to listen, care and create change and shape the face of Uzima University.

Mrs. Clementine Gwoswar
Mrs. Clementine Gwoswar- Dean of Students

Long live the spirit of Comrades! Long live Uzima University!

The office of the Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of Students works directly under the Office of the Vice Chancellor and endeavors to promote the Vision, the Mission and the values of the University.


To be an office of excellence in the University that incorporates holistic transformative approaches in the students’ welfare activities.


To be a student centered hub aimed at enhancing and addressing varied and emerging needs of the students by encouraging Personal and Professional growth apart from providing care and emotional support

Core Values

Values are an integral for guiding the Dean of Student Office on how to work and fulfill our mission


The office of the Dean of Students work collaboratively with other colleagues and students, by forming healthy partnerships and sharing ideas and resources to accomplish common goals; through provision of a conducive environment that promotes productivity, creativity, and gratification.


Based on the University’s culture, the office staff conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful to our fellow colleagues and students.


As staff of Uzima University, we strive to uphold the highest standards and principles through Ethics and integrity characterized by trust and respect for each other, collaborative decision-making with our students, proper use of University resources, service to students, and the utilization of best practices within the arena of student affairs and higher education.


The team in the office of the Dean of Students plays an important role in the lives of our students, and work with them to achieve their goals. The effort investment and contributions by our co-workers, within the department and across the university, encourages working relationships based on mutual respect, trust, and co-operation.


We believe that transformative education occurs both inside and outside the classroom hence the need to enable a supportive campus environment that contributes to student learning and personal development. Moreover, we pursue to inspire students to be engaged citizens within the country and beyond the Great Lakes region.


The Dean of Students office respects individual and unique identities and experiences from our diverse backgrounds by encouraging an inclusive and supportive environment for all. These is seen through the uniqueness and worth of every person, and his/her pursuit for professional growth and personal well-being.

Students and the University Community

Based on the Uzima University Philosophy of “Let your Light shine “Luceat Lux Vestra” the Dean of Students` office is committed to creating a community that encourages and practices civility, compassion and care for others thus the word “Uzima” We understand that how we work and provide services directly impacts the student experience. We therefore endeavor to work together to create connections and relationships that help us respond to the needs of our students and the surrounding partner communities.

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