Dr. Dominic Marera

Senate Member
Dr. Marera - h.o.d Human Anatomy
Areas of expertise
  • Health Sciences
  • Clinical Anatomy
  • Clinical Medicine and Community Health
  • PhD In Health Sciences: Clinical Anatomy Project: Development and ossification of the clavicle; A comparative study in South African and Kenyan population – University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (South Africa) – 2016
  • Masters of science, Clinical Anatomy Project: Variation in the bifurcation and distribution of brachial artery – Kampala International University(Uganda) – 2011
  • Bachelor of science, Human Anatomy Project: The value of X-raypelvimetry in predicting the outcome of labor – Kampala International University(Uganda) – 2009
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health – Kampala International University(Uganda) -2006
  • Advanced certificate in nutrition and dietetics-Kabale Teaching Hospital (Uganda) – 2004
  • Clinical Bioethics Research, KAVI-University of Nairobi (Kenya) – 2017
  • Integrated Management of Childhood Illness-Fort Portal Regional Hospital (Uganda) – 2006
  • Critical thinking in research-Maseno University (Kenya) – 2013
  • PACE-Innovative teaching methodologies and clinical mentorship (Kenya) – 2013


  • Dominic Marera and Nyaribo Cyprian, (2015). Forensic age estimation based on the skeletal growth assessment: A comprehensive review, International Journal of Current Research, 7, (5), 16107-16111.
  • Marera, D.O, and Oyieko, W. (2015). Assessment of the value of X-ray pelvimetry in predicting the outcome of labor in rural Uganda. International Journal of Current Research. Vol 7, Issue, 05, pp. 15781-15785.
  • D Marera, W. Oyieko., G Agumba. (2015). Variation in dermatoglyphic patterns among diabetics in western Uganda population. African Journal of Science and Research, 4 (1), 21 -25.
  • D Marera. (2015). Ethical Consideration When using X-ray Examination for None Medical Purposes. International Journal of Science and Research, Vol 4 (5), 1528-1531.
  • Marera, D., Singoei, M., and Nyaribo, C. Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Male Circumcision towards Reduction of HIV/AIDS among Residents of Ishaka Town Council-Uganda. International Journal of Science and Research. Vol 4 (5), 1488-1492
  • Dominic Marera and Willis Oyieko. (2015). Age estimation using chronological changes in the epiphyseal ends of the clavicle. International Journal of Current Research. Vol 7, Issue, 05, pp. 15773-15777.
  • Dominic Marera and Dominick Abungu (2016). Prevalence of and factors contributing to complicated malaria in children under 5 years. North Asian International Research Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences Vol 1 (1) pp 43-55.
  • Marera, D.O., Oyieko, W. (2017). Sex and Racial Variations in Age Estimation Based on the Ossification Process of Medial Clavicular Epiphysis. Mara Research Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences. Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 18 -29.
  • Marera, D.O., Kimeto, P. and Makanga., J.O. (2017). Age Estimation using Chronological Changes in the Epiphyseal Ends of the Clavicle. Mara Research Journal of Medicine & Health Sciences.Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 10 -17.
  • Oyieko, W. and Marera, D.O. (2018). A Unique Case of Ectopic Kidney with Variant Vasculature: A Congenital Anomaly Masquerading as Pyelonephritis. Mara res. j. med. health sci. Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 1 –4, ISSN 2523-5680
  • Nyaribo CM, Nyabayo JM, Kerubo EB, Marera DO, Nyanchoka AO, Miruka CO (2016) Assessment of the influence of ketoconazole on memory retrieval among adult Wister rats. African Journal of Science and Research, 2016, (5)1:33-37
  • Abba, Okumu Gabriel, Marera Dominic, Massilili Godfery, S.S. Dare, Y.G. Mohammed and A.O. Okpanachi. (2012). Assessment of the Relationship between Digit Lengths and Circumferences of the Waist and Hip amongst Ugandans. Asian Journal of Medical Sciences; 4 (3): 113-116.
  • Obonyo E.O., Mutai C., Kikuvi G., Marera D. (2014) Assessment of Pharmaceutical Waste Management Practices in Embakasi Division, Kenya: A case study in community Pharmacies. Journal of Health Sciences. Vol 7 (1): 79-90
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