Prof. Barack Abonyo

Senate Member

Prof. Barack Abonyo -member

Prof. Barack Abonyo,Senate Member

Areas of expertise
  • Physiology


List the best 5 selected peer-reviewed scientific publications, relevant for this proposed project

1. Nkembo A, Lamango N, Ghokam H, Lambert A, Randolph D, Marijani Rand Abonyo B (2011). Syzgium guineensis extracts display cell specific anticancer properties The FASEB Journal. 25:498.8

2. Rukia Marijani, Tierre Matthews, Hasina McGann, Nazarius Lamango, and Barack 0 . Abonyo (2011). Regulatory effect of CCL26 on cancer related genes. The FASEB Journal. 25:561.7

3. Marijani R. and Abonyo B.O. (2011). CTP: Phosphocholine cytidyltransferase alpha (CCTα) siRNA induce cell death of lung cancer cells. Pharm Anal Acta 2:121. doi:l0.417212153-2435.1000121.

4. Errahali J. Younes, Taka Equar, Abonyo BO. and Heiman A.S. (2009). CCL26- targeted siRNA treatment of alveolar type II cells decreases expression of CCR3 binding chemokines and reduces eosinophil migration: Implications in asthma therapy. Journal of Interferon and Cytokine Research .29(4): 227-240.

5. Equar Taka, Younes J. Errahali, Barack O. Abonyo, David M. Bauer and Ann S. Heiman * (2008). Post-transcriptional silencing of CCR3 downregulates 1L-4 stimulated release of eotaxin-3 (CCL26) and other CCR3 ligands in alveolar type II cells. Cytokine.44 (3):342-51.

  • PhD. Physiology – East Carolina University USA (2002)Highest Academic qualification: PhD.
    Year:2002,Awarding Institution: East Carolina University, North Carolina, USA
    Area of specialization: PhD in Medical Physiology, Pulmonary diseases
  • MSc. Physiology – Moi (Maseno College) – 1997

Employment experience

Position /Designation: Professor and Chairman of Medical Physiology, Uzima University, Kenya.

Position/ Designation : Cabinet Minister for Water, Energy and Natural Resources, Kisumu County, Kenya and Director of Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company, Kisumu, Kenya.

Position/ Designation: Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Florida A & M University College of Pharmacy Tallahassee, Florida. USA

Position/ Designation: Tenure Earning Assistant Professor of Biology, Florida A&M University, College of Arts and Sciences, Biology Department, Tallahassee, Florida. USA.

Research Project Experience

Name of Research Project: Targeted knockdown of CTP as a mechanism for killing lung tumor cells 2G12RR03020

Year: 9/9/07-9/9/08

Field of Research: Lung Cancer Role played: Project Investigator Status: Completed

Funding agency: National Institute of Health, USA (NIH/NCRR/RCMI)

Fundning ammount: $ 5000

Name of Research Project: Identification of eotaxin-3-regulated genes and proteins in alveolar type II cell”


Year: 06/01/2009-06/01/2011

Field of Research: Lung inflammatory diseases

Role played: Principal Investigator

Status: Completed

Funding agency: National Institute of Health, USA

Fundning ammount: $212,550

Name of Research Project: The Role of Novel Substituted Diindolylmethane Analogues in the treatment of triple- Negative and ErbB2- positive Breast Cancer.

Year: 04/05/2011-04/05/2014

Field of Research: Breast Cancer Role played: Project Investigator Status: Completed

Funding agency: Department of Defence (DOD), USA- Army Breast cancer research program (BCRP)

Fundning ammount: $1,400,000

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