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The establishment of Uzima University which began as a Constituent College of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa on 27th August 2012 and was awarded a Letter of Interim Authority (LIA) by the Commission for University Education (CUE) on 4th March 2020, was an important initiative of Most Rev. Zacchaeus Okoth, the Archbishop Emeritus of Kisumu and the Founding Chancellor of Uzima University.

Uniqueness of Uzima University

Uzima University is the only university in Kenya offering only Health Science Programmers. In this regard it is a purely medical university. This is Uzima’s uniqueness and its niche. Therefore undergraduate education at Uzima is concentrated on the following degree and diploma programmers: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc. N), Bachelor of Clinical Medicine (BCM), Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (BSc.M), Diploma in Clinical Medicine (D.CM),Diploma in Community Health (D.CH), and Diploma in Health Records and Technology (D.HR&T).

Because Uzima University is a Faith-based institution, the administration of the university strongly believes and practices open door policy for its students in order to form them into responsible and caring future professionals that the Kenyan society and the entire region badly need today.

We give our students holistic education which has a unique academic character to mould them into transformational leaders so that at the time of their graduation, they are dedicated to the service of God and humanity. Uzima University’s commitment to Christian values, serves to enhance the pursuit of excellence in all areas.

Uniqueness of our name “Uzima”

The word “Uzima” comes from Kiswahili language which is generally spoken by the people of Eastern Africa. In Kenya, while English is the official language, Kiswahili is the national language spoken practically by every Kenyan. The name Uzima was inspired by the Word of God from the Gospel of St. John where Jesus says “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly (Jn.10:10)”. Therefore as Uzima University trains its graduates who are tomorrow’s professional health care givers, the university is investing in each and every student to go and give life to the people they will serve with devotion, dedication and commitment. This is why Uzima University graduates are holistically trained and are unique!

Our unique approach to teaching and learning

The Board of Trustees, the Members of the University Council, the Members of Board of Management, Members of Faculty, Deans and Heads of Department of Uzima University strongly believe in giving equal opportunity to ALL STUDENTS irrespective of their race, their faith or their ethnicity. We serve ALL equally because each student is unique and is made in the image and likeness of God. This is why in Uzima, all the 47 counties of Kenya are represented. We take our teaching and learning seriously and our final year students post excellent results in their final year examinations and in their internships. Any serious prospective student out there intending to study Medicine, Nursing, Microbiology, Clinical Medicine, Community health or Health Records, come to a serene and conducive environment and learn in our state-of-the- art Anatomy Lab, Physiology Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Histology Lab, and Pathology Lab. Come and be mentored by our great and seasoned Professors and Lecturers. Uzima University is the place to be!

As a Faith based institution, Uzima University believes in the Catholic education which involves the active participation of the learner in studying and interpreting human experience in the light of faith, so as to advance God’s glory and the dignity of the human person in order to achieve the pursuit of excellence in embracing and inculcating diligence, prudence, obedience, honesty, sincerity, discipline, discretion, patience, love and respect for life.

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Our programmes have been approved by professional bodies governing the teaching & practice of Medicine, Nursing & Clinical Medicine.

These include East African Regional Medical Board, Medical Practitioners & Dentist Board – Kenya, Nursing Council of Kenya and Clinical Officers Council

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