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The institution has defined a concrete implementation plan through which it endeavors to achieve the principal pillars of the Millennium development Goals and Kenya Vision 2030.


  1. Eradication of extreme poverty and Hunger- the institution has set up well defined community programmes through which researchers, teachers and students will team up to build the capacity of the local people towards economic stability and productivity.
  2. Achieve universal primary Education-for Uzima University College, education is a Holistic enterprise that looks at information as a primary media of formation of character for the reformation of lifestyle so as to attain a holistic transformation of the society.
  3. Promote gender equality and empower women.- Uzima University college seeks to Promote gender equality by empowering women with necessary skills through research and community based medical services that will increase productivity and self-reliance.
  4. Reduce child mortality - Uzima University also focuses on maternal health care as a priority through its integrated programmes that seek to equip every woman of child bearing age with the necessary skills in prenatal and antenatal skills to reduce the dangers in child bearing.
  5. Improve maternal health.-through well-structured research collaboration with the community as well as the implementation of the appropriate curricula, Uzima University seeks to improve maternal Health by building the capacity of all the women of child bearing age with the necessary skills to reduce the possible dangers due to pregnancy.
  6. Combat HIV/AIDS malaria and other diseases.- Uzima university envisages a specialized research centre and a referral hospital in the region dedicated to the preventative, diagnostic and management of HIV/AIDS and its multiple complications.
  7. Ensure environmental sustainability.- Uzima University College envisages the holistic approach to healthcare; this is deeply founded on ensuring and promoting environmental sustainability as the axis upon which a healthy life is sustained.
  8. Develop global partnership for development. - Uzima University College intends to develop links and partnerships with national and international institutions for integral community development.
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Uzima University College has been established by the Archdiocese of Kisumu as a constituent college of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa –CUEA with specialization in teaching and research of Medical and Biomedical sciences.


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